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Session 1 (chair: Robert Pergl) 9:00-10:30

Welcome and opening (Robert Pergl)

Keynote Speaker: Professor Eleni Karatza
Cloud Computing for Enterprises - Advanced Challenges and Research Trends

Session 2 (chair: Vojtech Merunka) 11:00-12:30

Michael Heinrich Baumann, Michaela Baumann, Stefan Schönig and Stefan Jablonski
Towards multi-perspective process model similarity matching

Mario Sanchez, Julio Cesar Reyes and Jorge Villalobos
Extraction and Reconstruction of Enterprise Models

Martin PodlouckĂ˝ and Robert Pergl
The Prefix Machine -- a Formal Foundation for the BORM OR Diagrams Validation and Simulation

Session 3 (chair: Victor Romanov) 14:00-15:30

Rainer Poisel, Marlies Rybnicek and Simon Tjoa
Simulation-based Cyber-Attack Assessment of Critical Infrastructures

Amjad Fayoumi and Pericles Loucopoulos
Business Rules, Constraints and Simulation for Enterprise Governance

Jiří Vinárek, Petr Hnětynka, Viliam Šimko and Petr Kroha
Recovering Traceability Links between Code and Specification through Domain Model Extraction

Session 4 (chair: Robert Pergl) 16:00-17:30

Victor Romanov, Ilya Moskovoy and Margarita Onokhova
Emergency response planning information system

Vojtech Merunka and Iveta Merunkova
Modeling and Visualization of Urban Planning and Building Development Processes for Local Government of Small Settlements

Poster presentation: Aleksandra Varfolomeeva, Victor Romanov and Eugeniya Blinnikova.
The Cloud Services Portfolio Optimization based on Markowitz’s Model


Session 5 (chair: Vojtech Merunka) 9:00-10:30

Alexander Lawall, Thomas Schaller and Dominik Reichelt
Enterprise Architecture: A Formalism for Modeling Organizational Structures in Information Systems

Mirtha L Fernández Venero
Verifying Cross-Organizational Workflows over Multi-Agent Based Environments

Zohra SbaĂŻ and Kamel Barkaoui
On compatibility analysis of inter organizational business processes

Session 6 (chair: Robert Pergl) 11:00-12:30

Open-Format Interaction and Discussion Panel

Conference closing

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